Re: SCSI errors

From: Richard Elwell <>
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 12:23:22 +0100

Oliver Skelton wrote:
> Sometime ago I discovered scsi was unreliable... it turned out that in 2
> colour mode I had no problems but in 256 and TC modes (especially as I had
> expanded screen res. with Blow-Up) I was getting errors... detected with
> tree check as you have seen.

I have been meaning to ask whether people here use the DMASnoop
program that is supposed to improve reliabilty of SCSI stuff. Do you.

I will be fitting a SCSI CDRW to my AB'd Falcon soon and seeing as it is
internal it will be on all the time. Up to now I have only been using my
SCSI SyQuests occasionally, so it is off most of the time, and have
been using the DMASnoop program and low bandwidth resolutions to
improve things.

I will be backing up my HD prior to the CDRW/Eclipse/big HD fitting so I
will be very careful with my SCSI.

> I now have a Nova and have not seen any disk corruption for some
> time.... basically Nova is offloading the bus.

Hopefully this week will be good for at least two Eclipses in Europe :-)

> Adjusted the
> other way you get scsi errors. On my machine it is quite common to get the
> black screen and failure to boot... but usually the second time will bring
> it up ok.

My Falcon very rarely (if ever) boots 1st time from cold. It will lock up
at some point during the auto folder sequence. So I always wait a
couple of seconds after powering up and then reset after that it is
fine. In fact with the original 68EC040 in my AB it would boot cleanly
from cold but was very prone to crashing for the first 10 minutes or so
if you made it work hard. I would just power it up and then leave it
alone for a while.

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