RE: SCSI errors

From: <>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 12:29:16 +0100

>I have been meaning to ask whether people here use the DMASnoop
>program that is supposed to improve reliabilty of SCSI stuff. Do you.
I've never used it.

>I will be backing up my HD prior to the CDRW/Eclipse/big HD fitting so I
>will be very careful with my SCSI.
How does the suggested lower resolution/colour depth affect SCSI stability?

>fine. In fact with the original 68EC040 in my AB it would boot cleanly
>from cold but was very prone to crashing for the first 10 minutes or so
>if you made it work hard. I would just power it up and then leave it
>alone for a while.
My Falcon had loads of SCSI related problems after the AB040 and Nemesis
were fitted. I tried various tricks such as the shielded lead, shortening
cables, rerouting to avoid power leads, etc and the one which worked for me
was reversing the direction of (I think) the inductor which went from the
Nemesis to a leg on the DMA. After this I could run in various colour
modes/res's without a whiff of trouble.

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