040 caches

From: Greg Evans <greg_evans_at_delphi.com>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 22:02:11 -0400

I'd been noticing recently that my Falcon 040 didn't seem as zippy as it
used to be. Just downloaded Magnus's 040 acc. Well, I noticed that y
instruction cache is turned off even though I run BCACHE40. Here's my
standard auro boot configuration, from XBOOT. Anyone see a problem? This
used to work just fine.
#SET 800x600
  #DATE 130899
    name c:\gdos\nvdidrv1.syx c:\gdos\nvdidrv1.sys
    name c:\gdos\nvdidrv2.syx c:\gdos\nvdidrv2.sys
    name c:\gdos\nvdidrv4.syx c:\gdos\nvdidrv4.sys
    name c:\gdos\nvdidrv8.syx c:\gdos\nvdidrv8.sys
    name c:\gdos\nvdidrvh.syx c:\gdos\nvdidrvh.sys

Just for good measure I turned the caches on in TKROMDRV.

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