Re: Linux kernel

From: Michael Schmitz <>
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1999 00:35:24 -0800

At 9:16 PM -0500 8/3/99, Michael White wrote:
>- Copy in ataboot.ttp (3.1) and/or bootstra.ttp from latest Debian
> into that same directory. Both seem to work about the same.

They are, in fact, identical :-) And just FYI, the kernel on the Debian
boot floppy was built including 020/030 support so it can't possibly work
for you.

>- Re-boot with TK507, XBOOT, and XCONTROL only
>- From TOS partition, lauch ataboot.ttp (3.1) or bootstra.ttp
>- Seems to boot kernel OK
>- Network stuff seems to be set up OK, as does fd0.
>- Crash with illegal instruction excetpion. Latest printout is
> that it was checking out hda.

Would that be during or after the partition check? Did it report any
partitions on hda?

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