From: Laurent FAVARD <>
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 15:23:21 +0200

> TOS 5.0, AFAIK, is based on source code of TOS 4.0x, but now it contains
> many important bugfixes and surely also improvements. I guess the LineA
> routines that rely on Blitter were finally ripped off so TOS 5.0 would be
> an ideal candidate for accelerated Falcons and also for machines with
> graphics cards.

In this case, no doubts that TOS 5.0 should be the better choice. Now, how
can we expect to get the source code. I don't know if Milan is ready
to release TOS sources, at least, to give them to small part of Atari users.

> TOS 5.0 taken from Milan board wouldn't work on AB at all. It would have
> to be adapted first but if someone could use the source code of Milan TOS
> it would be much easier than hacking the binary of old 4.04.

This is exactly what i think. Milan TOS shouldn't work with Falcon, 'cause
there too low-level difference beetween a Milan and any standard Falcon,
and more, with a Falcon/AB040.
Patch a TOS 4.04 binarie could be complex and very difficult to follow
in time. Do you know anyone, which could get the TOS sources ??

I believe to remember a strange little storie about someone, which bought
an Atari computer from the corp. and found on the Hard Disk, somes
sources programs. "Legend" say, that Milan Computer found his post and take
the complete source: The sources was the TOS sources ! is it really true ?
'cause in this case, perhaps they could be okay to give them. But,
what 's about the copyright ? Hasbro is now the legal owner, and TOS
its propertie...
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