From: Mikey <>
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 11:47:32 -0800

Wizztronics has stated that they do have the source code for TOS 4.04.
I think they have given up on the TOS market, only handling some music
softs and maybe some of their old products. They also have told a lot
of stories....
I know they didn't have to purchase it, but were suppose to have
obtained it while visiting the Atari warehouse when it closed.
Why a company would keep this to themselves, I have no idea.

>in time. Do you know anyone, which could get the TOS sources ??
>I believe to remember a strange little storie about someone, which bought
>an Atari computer from the corp. and found on the Hard Disk, somes
>sources programs. "Legend" say, that Milan Computer found his post and take
>the complete source: The sources was the TOS sources ! is it really true ?
>'cause in this case, perhaps they could be okay to give them. But,
>what 's about the copyright ? Hasbro is now the legal owner, and TOS
>its propertie...
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