EPROM...TOS sources ?

From: Laurent FAVARD <l.favard_at_france2.fr>
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999 10:06:11 +0200

Mikey wrote:

> Wizztronics has stated that they do have the source code for TOS 4.04.
> I think they have given up on the TOS market, only handling some music
> softs and maybe some of their old products. They also have told a lot
> of stories....
> I know they didn't have to purchase it, but were suppose to have
> obtained it while visiting the Atari warehouse when it closed.
> Why a company would keep this to themselves, I have no idea.

It will not "stupid" to send to us a small message and check if
they have got the TOS sources ? I don't think unhappy, they accept
to give them, but as they had them freely, and Atari is just a spirit
now, perhaps....but what's about Hasbro Copyright ?
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