Re: N_AES 2.0

From: Oliver Skelton <>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 10:20:31 +0900

Hi Mike,

Mikey wrote:

> >I just received NAES 2.0 (on CD).
> >
> I never installed the last update :). Did you order the CD, or is
> that how Woller is sending out the upgrades now?

Well I ordered the CD at the end of September (not an upgrade). I was in no
hurry so didn't hassle at all.
Received it (in Japan) the other day. Looks like Woller waited until the
new version was ready before sending.

Extendos didn't see the N_AES files in the top level, just the MiNT folder
(could it be because it might be multi-session?). Maybe something wrong
with my config. or an old version of Extendos. Anyway - read it on the PC
so no major problem.

Frank Naumann wrote:

> > Is there an english resource available?
> Yes.

Thanks for the feedback, Frank. Is it the same resource as the previous
version, or included on the CD, or available on the web?
(I haven't dared, nor had time, to install N_AES yet. Slightly scared it
will go and write various stuff over my current setup)

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