SCSI CD-ROM - please help

From: Petr Stehlik <>
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 1999 12:03:49 +0100


Merry Christmas and Happy Y2K fighting :)

I asked Santa Claus for a nice present and he's just brought me a new
CD-ROM for my Falcon040, this time with SCSI interface (I have always
been using IDE CD-ROM on my Falcon0[34]0).

It works very well under singleTOS (no usual SCSI DMA buffer mod clock
patch errors) but under MiNT (write-through CPU cache) it appears like
most of the files on CD are corrupted.

Soft config:

- HDDRIVER 7.12 (shouldn't matter).
- CD-Tools (lowlevel driver) and METADOS (or METAXBS and SPIN! 0.34
  instead, but it makes no difference).
- MiNT 1.15.1 (one of the early alphas) and 1.15.4 (with memory protection).
- Doug's M68040 Toolkits for singleTOS and MiNT are set very similarly
  (under MiNT I just don't use FastRAM for TOS stack, no GEMRAM
  emulation and ROM is write protected - otherwise it's just same).

Any idea why there are the corrupted files under MiNT?


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