Re: SCSI CD-ROM again

From: Michael White <>
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 21:20:44 -0600 (CST)


   I've been running a SCSI CD ROM for years on my Afterburner.
I'm also using HDDriver 7.12, but I'm using Extendos Gold. I've
also used the old Extendos with good results.

   I could never get MetaDOS to work reliably.

My 2 cents.


>I'm still playing with the new SCSI CD-ROM. I have found out that by
>increasing the cache size in CONFIG.SYS I get SCSI errors under
>SingleTOS as well. So it's not a MiNT only problem.
>In the meantime I switched to combination of HDDRIVER's SCSIDRV and
>Julian's SPIN_SD.BOS. The errors (corrupted files) are still present but
>it seems to be slightly faster and also more up-to-date.
>I have been playing with DMASNOOP and got interesting results. In
>SingleTOS it does NOT help but in MiNT it seems to solve all my problems
>with 'corrupted' files. Similarly turning CPU Data Cache off helps in
>MiNT only.
>I don't care about SingleTOS much, the main OS on my machine is MiNT.
>Thus I am happy DMASNOOP helps but the speed decrease is too drastic.
>See the times TreeCheck needs to check a 11 MB of files on a CD:
>SingleTOS ........ 36 seconds
>MiNT DC Off ...... 68 seconds
>MiNT DMASNOOP .... 142 seconds
>I think I'll be talking to Julian about making his SPIN! more AB040
>friendly. With AB040 aware SPIN! I could get the speed of SingleTOS but
>no errors, hopefully.
>I am very interested in your experience with SCSI CD-ROM on AB040.
>E-mail: PARCP developer
> WWW: MiNTOS/Linux user
>mirror: Atari 800XL emulation
>mirror: Atari Falcon040

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