DMA resistor

From: Mikey <>
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000 00:39:41 -0800

Hi Jo,

Not sure if my mails are going out to the 040 mailing list. I get them
from the server, but mine aren't coming back.

Anyway, do you recall what value your DMA resistor is? I tried to
install my CT2B, but I think the board is trash, so am installing my
AB and Nemesis back, but have misplaced the resistor that worked so
well for these last few years:) The manual says 1k Ohm, but I recall
something like a 110 Ohm. Been to long since the initial installation.

On another note, I have an extra 060 and adapter socket. Who in the AB
world do you think has the time and resources available to experiment
with this cpu? I am thinking of asking Petr as he is also able to burn
a modified TOS ROM, which may be the problem getting the thing to
boot. I've done all I can, which wasn't much but blow a lot of cash.
I haven't seen much from Geir. At one point he had an interest, but
don't know what he is upto now.

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