Re: Hints on causes of crashes?

From: Michael White <>
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 00:28:49 -0600 (CST)

Oliver Skelton wrote:
>My AB040/Nemesis/Nova has become somewhat less stable and I wonder if
>anyone could offer any hints from the following symptoms:
>Leaving the mouse in 1 place is ok but if I keep moving it slightly (say in
>small circles) then every now and then the cursor jumps randomly about 1cm.
>I think I used to get this when the AB040 was first fitted but not much
>When I drag windows around the screen by the menu bar sooner or later they
>start to leave window frame 'droppings' and all window updates cease.
>(though with Imagecopy windows open on JPGs if I close one via the barely
>visible closer box the contents of the window behind will redraw.. perhaps
>they are cached on the Nova?). When this happens I have to reboot to clear.
>When I launch applications (e.g. Imagecopy) I fairly often get a bus error.
>If it does error on launch then it will keep doing so when I relaunch it
>until I reboot, though other applications may or may not appear to run
>normally. Last night I discovered an exception - Imagecopy would relaunch
>ok from U:C/ instead of from C:. Was that a chance occurence?
>I don't recall any significant software changes made recently so it is
>probably hardware. It also may be partly temperature sensitive.
>I have opened the CLAB case and checked fans are working, pressed down on
>AB040 and Nova cards, slightly re-routed Nova cables.
>No improvement.
>TK5.07, NVDI 2.5R11?, TOS 4.07, NAes 1.2, MiNTNP (1 year old?), Thing.

Maybe make sure none of your auto programs have been corrupted, i.e.
make sure NVDI is booting correctly, etc.... Sounds sorta like the
BLiTTER is still on.

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