Re: Hints on causes of crashes?

From: Oliver Skelton <>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 18:53:39 +0900

Thanks guys!

Cracked it. The main problem was that somewhere down the line XBOOT stopped
switching to my Nova version of TKROMDRV and thus I was using
Non-serialized with the Nova.

Re: crashes on launching applications: I used to have to keep Copyback off
until they were launched under TOS for this reason.
Then I thought I discovered that on AB040/MiNT I no longer had this problem
and I started using Copyback on all the time.
Was I wrong? Anyway, it is a likely cause of the crashes on launch. On very
limited experience so far it doesn't happen if I launch via the unified
drive U.

That just leaves little jumps of the mouse. Well I am not going to worry
about these. Maybe they are there all the time... or maybe that was the
non-serialized too.

> Have you enabled copyback-mode?

> Is the Nova-interface set to "serialized" (in
> TK-Config)?
That was it!

> Do you use the "superstack in fastRAM" (or whatever it's called)
> under MiNT or MagiC?
No. I use write through, not copyback for the superstack.

> Have you upgraded HD-Driver lately?
No. V6.13 in use.

> Do you run MiNT with
> memory-protection?
No. Should I? (I think not)

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