Re: Floppy- and SCSI-problem

From: Mikey <>
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2000 22:48:59 -0700

Since it's both the floppy and SCSI, it's likely not to be the SCSI controller.
The SDMA gets its clock from the (probably in your case) old DSP 32Mhz clock.
Might want to check that as well as the usually clock patch faults.
There has been times when I install a buffer mod, and do nothing different
but reinstall it, and the damn machine starts to work again.


Jo Even Skarstein wrote:
> Recently my Falcon has developed some serious floppy- and SCSI-problems.
> Any attempts to write to the floppy results in a crash, and all my SCSI
> devices are unusable. Any suggestions on what to look for first?
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> ** Jo Even Skarstein
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