Re: [F040] HD-Driver

From: Frank Naumann <>
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 22:06:25 +0100


> Hmm, accessing the floppy will kill the process that tried to do it here.
> Under TOS it simply freeze the machine.

That's strange.

> > work anymore.
> Do you mean that > 7.85 won't work on AB at all?

Yes, Uwe rewritten his driver and in this case he removed all special
patches. He said too that he not add special patches to, AB040 is simply
no longer supported by him.

> Anyway, my Falcon is getting sicker and sicker every week, so I'm considering
> replacing it. I've reserved a CT60 (if it ever becomes a reality) so naturally
> I'm trying to find another Falcon, but I'm also considering a Milan with the
> 060-expansion. Do you know if these are available now? And if yes, is the
> Milan060 any good?

I don't know if it's really available. I have the extension but got it
directly from Uwe Schneider 1 year ago. The 060 is very fast, normally a
factor of 2 (compared to 040). CPU intensive tasks are much faster than
factor 2.

Now the lack of a busmaster DMA driver for the harddiscs is the real
slowdown (and the miss of background DMA).


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