[F040] Afterburner problem.

From: Jonas Klereborn <klere_at_physto.se>
Date: Wed, 01 Nov 2000 15:45:43 +0100


My Falcon has decided not to like my AB-card :-(
I have had the AB installed without problem for some years now. I have
also made a digital 030/040 switch based on Geir ěyvind VŠlidalo's
But now I have made the line level sound modification on the sound
ports. (This seem to work perfect by the way.) Something must have
happened because now the computer won't start when the AB is plugged in.
The following has been observed:

Without the AB040 (and the jumper between pin 20 and 22 on expansion
connector J20): Everything is perfect, every time.

With the AB040 plugged in (the jumper on the AB card):

Switch in 030 position (disabling the 040):
- about 20% of the times everything is ok.
- the rest of the time (80%), the computer does not reach the white boot
  screen but the monitor shows flicker in dark blue or red.

  (when things are ok the characteristic two dark gray fields are shown
   in the topmost part of the screen before the boot screen. When
   things don't these does not appear.)

Switch in 040 position:
- about 5% of the times everything is ok.
- the rest of the time (95%) the white boot screen is shown but the
  computer crash before the whole fuji logo is drawn.
  (is just freezes half way.)

I have tested removing the 030/040 switch with the same result.

I have checked the clock patch with an oscilloscope.

I have removed and reinserted the memories.

Anyone that has any idea of what could be wrong?

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