[F040] Nova resolutions and AB040/nemesis

From: Oliver Skelton <skelton_at_fuchinobe.skk.slb.com>
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 22:15:26 +0900

Is there anyone here?

Since my last post I made some discoveries and thought of a new question.
I have also managed to get a 1024x768x256 colour resolution but not yet the
24bit I seek.
I rediscovered that not all Mach64 cards for the Nova are equal. Some
cannot support the 24bit 1024x768 resolution, but I believe my card is the
2MB VRAM model which should be capable of this. If I get time I will stick
it in the PC to see what the BIOS messages identified it as.

I also looked through past postings to ab040 list and saw at least one
person complain about the complexity of the VMG program used to generate
Nova resolutions. I now understand that program pretty well and maybe be
able to give helpful tips for anyone interested.
[One very useful tool was the Excel spreadsheet using the Generalised
Timing Formula available from ftp://ftp.vesa.org/pub/GTF/
You can input the clock rate, desired resolution and get suggested total
vertical and horizontal values together with suggested hsync and vsync
signals and resulting horizontal and vertical refresh rates). These values
seem to be a good starting point for building resolutions with VMG.PRG]

Now the question: Does the clock rate of the bus (Nemesis?, AB040?) affect
the graphics card? Can I increase the colour depth by accelerating the
graphics card in this way?

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