[F040] Re: Nova resolutions and AB040/nemesis

From: Oliver Skelton <skelton_at_fuchinobe.skk.slb.com>
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2001 23:02:31 +0900

Well I never got above 896x672 resolution but I did confirm my card is the
2MB Graphics Pro Turbo.
I also see it doesn't have the headers for the 2MB daughterboard.

Rather than pay money to try and repair my big Idec 17" monitor I was
wondering if I would be better off trying to upgrade the memory on the
graphics card to get the full 4mB. (I found an internet sight offering the
upgrade board for $70).

Does anyone know if it is possible and practical to solder on the connector
for the daughterboard? I seem to have the requisite rows of solder points.

Oliver Skelton wrote:

> Is there anyone here?
> Since my last post I made some discoveries and thought of a new question.
> I have also managed to get a 1024x768x256 colour resolution but not yet the
> 24bit I seek.
> I rediscovered that not all Mach64 cards for the Nova are equal. Some
> cannot support the 24bit 1024x768 resolution, but I believe my card is the
> 2MB VRAM model which should be capable of this. If I get time I will stick
> it in the PC to see what the BIOS messages identified it as.
> I also looked through past postings to ab040 list and saw at least one
> person complain about the complexity of the VMG program used to generate
> Nova resolutions. I now understand that program pretty well and maybe be
> able to give helpful tips for anyone interested.
> [One very useful tool was the Excel spreadsheet using the Generalised
> Timing Formula available from ftp://ftp.vesa.org/pub/GTF/
> You can input the clock rate, desired resolution and get suggested total
> vertical and horizontal values together with suggested hsync and vsync
> signals and resulting horizontal and vertical refresh rates). These values
> seem to be a good starting point for building resolutions with VMG.PRG]
> Now the question: Does the clock rate of the bus (Nemesis?, AB040?) affect
> the graphics card? Can I increase the colour depth by accelerating the
> graphics card in this way?
> --
> Regards,
> Oliver

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