[F040] Re: Nova resolutions and AB040/nemesis

From: Oliver Skelton <skelton_at_fuchinobe.skk.slb.com>
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2001 20:17:19 +0900

Thanks Mike,

I'll have to try again at 16bit colour (I had been trying to get 24 bit after I thought I read it was possible for the 2mB card ). Now I sit and work it out I see 24bit is impossible...
1024x768x3 bytes = ~2.25mB and that is not allowing any memory for offscreen bitmaps etc.
and rechecking the Homa site I see there is no info saying it is possible.

I would have thought you ought to be able to get 24bit 1024x768 with your 4mB card (provided the monitor supports the appropriate data rate)

I still thirst after 24bit so am still interested in any info on the possibility to solder in the daughterboard mounts.
(In fact why not 32 bit except one of the limitations of the LCD display is it doesn't support better than 24bit).

Michael Grove wrote:

> I have a 2 and 4 meg card. Both will work at 1024*768 on my lowley 14 and 15" monitors. Look like 15 or 16 bit color is the max with my setup however. I can't seem to find the right settings to run 24 or 32 bit color at those resolutions.
> Mike
> >

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