Keyboard Tweaks - beta release

Keyboard Tweaks is a small tool that allows you customize keyboard behaviour and functionality. It currently lets you do two things: In addition it allows you to access Taskbar's (or a compatible program) start menu with a single keypress on a key of your choice.

Keyboard Tweaks needs a recent version of the FreeMiNT kernel and an AES. Tested under XaAES and N.AES, please let me know if you try this under MyAES.

It also requires a properly installed AV-server (e.g. Teradesk or Thing!).

View the Keyboard Tweaks hypertext online (thanks to Thorsten Otto) for more details.

Download Keyboard Tweaks beta 1

Adjust the included configuration file to your needs/system.

Disclaimer: I've been using this tool on my Falcon060 with MiNT/XaAES for months without issues. However, that does not mean it works flawlessy on your system. I strongly recommend having memory protection enabled when testing/using this software!