03082009 - Taskbar v4.12 released

Again there's been a lot of changes behind the scenes. A few bugs has been fixed and some features has been added. This time Taskbar is also available in German :-)

Download Taskbar 4.12

06042008 - Another beta release

I'm in the process of refactoring the last remnants of the "old" Taskbar sourcecode. I'm not finished, but it has now reached a stage where I think it's usable again. It has a couple of new features, so please download this beta and let me know what you think. The work I've done this winter allows me to add new features quite easily, so suggestions for new (useful!) features are welcome.

Download Taskbar 4.10 beta

28082007 - A new beta release!

A lot of updates, changes and bugfixes. Taskbar now supports XaAES properly. There are still a lot of things I want to do, but since I'm starting a new job and moving to a new house (and town) these days, I don't have any time to work on Taskbar for a few weeks. Please read the documentation for more details.

Download Taskbar 4 beta

28102003 - Taskbar is actually being developed...

...but very, very slowly. Bugs are being ironed out, if you have any problems just contact me, and I can probably provide you with an updated version.

15102000 - Taskbar 3.00 alpha released

Due to lack of time and inspiration I've decided to release this alpha-version of Taskbar 3. It has a few bugs, mostly under MagiC, but instead of delaying the release to Christmas or next year I decided to release it as is.


New since 2.70b:

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