Taskbar 5 BETA



Start menu

Apart from various bugfixes the major difference from the last release is the new start menu. It is now in a window, and has several "panels".

To the left is a vertical row of icons. From the bottom to the top:

In the top left there's two icons, one for closing the start menu window and one to pin it to the screen. If it's pinned then it won't automatically close when you select a program/file or the mouse leaves the menu. It can also be freely positioned on the screen by dragging it by the title bar.

Right next to this icon panel is the main start menu panel.

Main start menu panel

Taskbar automatically detects any started application, and adds it to it's internal list of available applications. If the application already exists in this list, it's entry in the list is updated with the last start-up time and the start counter is incremented. This allows Taskbar to show you a list of the most recently used/most frequently used (depending on setting) applications. Besides this it will also add the files shown in the documents menu to this list/"database".

You can also search this list by simply typing when the start menu is opened. It will show the first 20 matches from the list in the search order specified. To select sorting/order click on the button at the top of the list.

Right click on any item in the list for some options:

Start menu configuration

Right click on the start button and select "Configuration" to configure the start menu.

Other stuff

Right click on an application button and select "Configure" to configure how it appears on the taskbar. Please note that due to a bug in recent versions of XaAES the detection of the topped application is a bit crippled in this version. If the top application has no open windows it's button on the taskbar will not indicate that it's topped.

This beta version does not look in $HOME for configuration files, only in the folder it's started from. So if you're an existing Taskbar user and want to use your Thing! groupfile based startmenu then copy your Index.grp to the same folder as this beta.


Icons will be available when the RSC file "cicons.rsc" is available in the same directory as taskbar.prg. Taskbar will search this file for colour icons, and all colour icons that is 48x48 pixels or less AND has a title will be available for selection in the application configuration dialog.

The current icon rsc is just a collection of random 16x16 icons for testing.


I've been using this program on my Falcon060 with MiNT/XaAES for months without issues. However, that does not mean it works flawlessy on your system. I strongly recommend having memory protection enabled when testing/using this software!