Videl Term* - beta release

(* working title)
Fullscreen terminal emulator for FreeMiNT.

NB! This is currently only for the Falcon060 with SuperVidel, support for more hardware will come later.


Please note that there is a bug in recent versions of XaAES that under certain circumstances causes the application to crash when it tries to determine which application has input focus. VidTerm does this when grabbing/releasing focus, so depending on your XaAES version it could get killed occasionally.

More details on the FreeMiNT mailing list.

View the Videl Term hypertext online (thanks to Thorsten Otto) for more details.

Adjust the included configuration file to your needs/system.

Recommended additions

Disclaimer: I've been using this program on my Falcon060 with MiNT/XaAES for months without issues. However, that does not mean it works flawlessy on your system. I strongly recommend having memory protection enabled when testing/using this software!