All of this stuff except the archives marked with a * is made by me.
Jo Even Skarstein, 03082009.


  Integrated taskbar/startmenu/DHST-server for N.AES and XaAES. More information.
  GEM utility for editing the keytables used by FreeMiNT.
NB! If you use an XaAES version from before September 2009, you must not iconify KeyEdit's main window. This will result in a non-functional menubar due to a bug in XaAES.
  Previous versions

Not supported/obsolete

  Front-end for pppd. Now rather outdated, get MiCo instead.
  Semi-finished front-end for various packers. This is an "invisible" frontend, meant to be used in a SendTo-menu or something. Could be very useful if finished and debugged. Source included.
  Very simple little TSR that installs a Norwegian keymap on the Milan. Source included, it might be useful if others wants to make custom keymaps.
  Not to be confused with COPSLOAD from 2B!
I've discovered that in order to get COPS to work properly with N.Dialog on my Falcon/AB and Milan060, it has to be started from the desktop. COPSLOAD by 2B can do this, but unfortunately it tries to start WDIALOG as well... This tiny and extremely simple little utility is autostarted from Taskbar or the desktop, and will load COPS if found in the same directory as COPSLOAD. Source included (five lines or something like that...).
  A small utility I use that sets the Falcon videomode to 320x200x2bit/50Hz. This insane resolution is only of use if you have a graphics-card (like a Nova or Eclipse), as it reduces the load on the bus and helps speed up the Falcon. Source included.
  A small utility I wrote when I was still using Metamail. The idea was/is to direct certain mime-types to the AV-server. This is a really old piece of code, and I can't remember if it even works... Try it if it sounds interesting, fix it if needed. Source included.
  Another semi-finished, sort-of-working project. The purpose of Nugatti is to add DHST- and LFN-support to virtually any GEM-application. It's poorly documented and probably full of bugs, but it does what I need right now so I have no plans to put any more effort into it. If somebody wants to work on, please do so. Source included.
  Small utility that disables NVDI's screendrivers if NovaVDI or fVDI is present. Run this little program after sta_vdi.prg or fvdi.prg, and before nvdi.prg. Source included.
  Translated resources for 1.1.0 and 1.1.7, and a theme for 2.0.
N.AES-Theme joska.lzh
  Take a look at my WaveBlaster/XG-page.
Some software: - A small utility for switching between GM and XG mode. Source included.
smfplay.lzh (*) - Simple and usable midiplayer.
s16demo.lzh (*) - Sweet Sixteen (sequencer, demo)
  Songs: (XG only) (*) (*) (*) (*)
  This is a ST-Guide hypertext with review of most Lynx-games ever released.