FreeMiNT setup for the Firebee

This is the official FreeMiNT setup for the FireBee, every FireBee will be shipped with this installed. It contains the following components:

1. Download it here

2. Prepare your FireBee

Before you attempt to use this setup you must prepare your FireBee. If you don't follow these instructions you will run into problems for sure. If your FireBee was delivered with FreeMiNT pre-installed, you can skip this section as it will already be set up correctly.

Upgrade the firmware

In the folder "FLASHER" in the root of the archive you will find the latest versions of all the firmware, a tool to flash them and instructions on how to do it. Make sure that atleast FireTOS and the FPGA is updated! Networking will not work with older versions.

Configure FireTOS

Use the FireTOS Configuration CPX to configure FireTOS as follows:

3. Install

FreeMiNT will now boot, please follow the instructions. If you have any questions or run into some unsolvable problem you can reach us at our mailing list or in the FireBee section at
Jo Even Skarstein