FreeMiNT 1.18.0 update for the Firebee FreeMiNT setup

This archive updates the FireBee FreeMiNT setup to the latest FreeMiNT release. Read more about FreeMiNT on the FreeMiNT/SpareMiNT wiki.

This version of FreeMiNT has been built for the ColdFire CPU by Vincent Riviere. You can find updated ColdFire binaries on his webpage.

Apart from the update of FreeMiNT/XaAES itself it fixes a couple of niggles with the existing FreeMiNT setup:

Download it here

Install it

First rename c:\auto\mintv4e.prg to mint118c.prx. Unpack the archive to the root of your boot-drive. Reboot. That's basically it :)

However, you may want to do a few additional things. First of all, if you have modified your mint.cnf and/or xaaes.cnf files you will probably want to copy these to the new MiNT folder (c:\mint\1-18-0). If you do this, don't forget to edit the INIT-line in mint.cnf so it starts the correct XaAES.

Secondly, if you have a keyboard.tbl in your old MiNT-folder you will want to copy this to the new one. The same with any additional xfs/xdd drivers.

Also, if you are using XaAES desktop backgrounds, you will probably want to copy it/them over to the new XaAES folder (c:\mint\1-18-0\xaaes).

When you reboot you will see in SBoot that you have two kernels, mint1180.prg which is the new one, and mint118c.prx which is the old one. You can select which one to boot by activating it in SBoot, so you can always revert to the old version very easily. Just remember to only have one active kernel :)

When you're happy with the new setup you can safely delete mint_old.prg and the c:\mint\1-18-cur folder.

Caution! There's currently a problem with running the latest NetSurf under this version of MiNT/XaAES. If this is important you should not delete the old setup. The problem is under investigation and will be fixed shortly.

Jo Even Skarstein