NB! N.AES is no longer supported, and I stopped using it in 2005. I now use XaAES.

The unofficial N.AES support page

N.AES is a complete rewrite of Atari's MultiTOS, which together with MiNT provides a stable and fast preemptive environment. N.AES was developed and published by Overscan, the development is now continued by Rainer Mannigel and Woller Systeme. The current version is 2.0.

English translations

These archives contains english RSC- and configuration files for N.AES, N.Chres and N.Closure. N.AES 2.0 is shipped with an english RSC, but only for N.AES itself, not N.Chres or N.Closure. For these you can still use the RSC-files from the 1.1.7-archive below.

N.AES on the FireBee

Other resources - Outdated!

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