This information is really outdated, as everybody should have upgraded to EasyMiNT and Sparemint by now.

N.AES and the TAF internet kit

This is a nobrainer, the only thing you have to do (assuming that you've already installed TAF of course!) is to edit a few lines in MINT.CNF. This will disable X-Windows and start N.AES instead.

You must also include this line from the original N.AES-distribution MINT.CNF:

If you know that you won't be using X-Windows anymore (it's pretty useless anyway), you can safely delete all X-related directories on the MinixFS-partition (they're all called X or X11).


There are a couple of programs that can't find their configuration- files in $HOME (Start Me Up! and Multistrip are two of them.). this can be fixed by either changing the HOME-variable to something like u:\g\users\root (works for sure), or by changing the UNIXMODE- variable to /brUs (not 100% sure about this, as I stopped using the TAF-kit ages ago).

Read more about the TAF-kit at Toronto Atari Federation's web-site.

Updated 20012002