V-Desk is a simple tool that lets you switch between several "virtual desktops".

This was my first "proper" GEM-program written in C. It was written in 1996-1997 on my 4Mb Falcon running MiNT+N.AES. Unfortunately the source got lost in a diskcrash before V-Desk could be properly released. I did not have a recent backup, so I abandoned this project and started working on Taskbar instead.

This spring (2017) some compilable sources surfaced while I was looking for something completely else. I decided to fix it up and release a final version.

This is the final version of V-Desk, I personally don't find much use in it anymore and I don't want to spend any more time on it.

V-Desk is freeware.


Jo Even Skarstein, 1997 -> 2017
joska at atari-forum.com